Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Party, Party, Party!

That's what we did this weekend.

Friday was the Hearts of Hope Christmas party. We had about 100 people attend and had some very generous donations that provided food for everyone, gifts for all the children, and photos of each family. We also had some crafts for the kids to do. It was a nice evening, but these events are always bittersweet for me. It's incredible to imagine what each family has been through, how many kids in that room have endured multiple open heart surgeries. But it's also wonderfully encouraging to see each family enjoying time together and as my friend Amy pointed out--if you don't know these families you wouldn't be able to guess which child was the heart child.

Drew getting his present from Santa

Ava would not take a picture with Santa, but was happy to get a gift from him!

Drew loving his dino cave from Santa!

On Saturday we visited a Christmas open house that was amazing to see! Jenny's decorations would dazzle you! I wish I had taken some pictures. Every year she decorates the ceilings with lights, hanging ornaments and wreaths. They also have an upside down Christmas tree that hangs from the ceiling. The food was delicious and plentiful. Every time I stood up there was a new addition to the dessert table. And they had an a capella group singing that both kids enjoyed listening to.

Sunday was our church Christmas celebration. During the morning service the kids performed a skit and sang some songs. They looked darling in their little outfits! We also sang some Christmas carols and the kids heard a special message from Pastor Kevin. Later that evening we joined a group for dinner--ours was at Chevy's--then regrouped at church for dessert and visiting with our church family. It was a great weekend of celebrations.

The first video is part of the skit, the second one is a song they sang.


The Portas said...

Glad you guys got to party it up! Sounds like tons of fun. Drew is so brave, sitting on Santa's lap. I'm impressed! The videos are so super cute..xoxo

Laura said...

SOOOOO cute! kids+santa=rule...i don't care what the picture of ashley suggests!

Meredith said...

Looks like you guys are having fun! I am proud of Drew too, Brendan LOVES Santa from afar but he thinks it is too "scary" to sit on his lap.

Your gingerbread house looks awesome - I can't even post a pic of ours, you put it to shame!!!

Shannon said...

Hi Andrea
I was checking in on Lyndsey's site (Heart Soul and Fun) to see how their consult with Dr Hanley went on the 12th but she seems to have made it private.

If you have Lyndsey's email, could you ask her to give me a quick update if she has time? I am very anxious to follow their experience since it is possible Wren will need a similar redo of this area and they are a similar age.

Thanks for you help (and support at our blog!). We had cardiology today so I am a mess.