Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Almost Thanksgiving

Just wanted to say hi and see how everybody's doing. Not too much going on around here in the past week, which explains the lack of blogposts. I haven't even taken any pictures!

We're leaving tomorrow for our Thanksgiving week of fun. Here's what it's looking like.

Wednesday-make the six hour drive to Southern California to my mom's house
Thursday-Thanksgiving with my family
Friday-Thanksgiving with Dan's family at his aunt's house
Saturday-long run and time with my Dad
Sunday-baby dedication for sweet baby Ashley then dinner with my grandparents
Monday-go to the hotel in Anaheim
Wednesday-drive another six hours home

The kids are very excited to see their grandparents and very excited for Disneyland! Drew has been including Disneyland on his list of things to thank God for every night during his prayers.

I hope to make a Thanksgiving post, but just in case, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with family and friends. We'll be thinking of and praying for Elijah who has his heart cath tomorrow and Casey who is having his Fontan surgery on Dec 2.

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Kate said...

dude, you had ONE thing to blog about! sheesh. i kid. stay safe ;-)