Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cute stuff, an appointment and a contest

Today at dinner Ava demonstrated that she knows what sounds all the letters of the alphabet make. I had no idea she knew that, I guess she picked it up from Drew and the various leapfrog products we have in the house. Here is video documenting her genius:

After dinner Drew was working on a peel and stick by number dinosaur mosaic kit. You have to peel little tiny foam squares off a big sheet and stick them on the corresponding number to make a picture. Drew was cracking me up because he is so much like me! He was peeling the stickers out in straight lines, just like I would do it. And he also kept commenting on how hard he was working and what a good job he was doing and looking for affirmation. Just like me! He is so stinking cute!

Here is a picture of the kids in the new warm jammies I got them today. It's been freezing here at night (well, by California standards).

Tomorrow Drew has his cardiology appointment. It's his first big cardiology appointment (echo and EKG) since we got back from Stanford. I have no reason to believe that anything is wrong, but I am still a little tiny bit nervous. I hope Drew does ok through the procedures, since he was pretty traumatized by the time we left the hospital in May. I think it will be ok, but we welcome your prayers for a good appointment.

I recently started making nursing covers and diaper carriers. I started making them as gifts for friends and thought I might be able to make some extra money if I tried selling them. So, I have set up an etsy site at, but I need your help. I don't have a name for my store or a banner. Please leave a comment with your idea for a store name and if I choose your name I will send you a free diaper carrier.


Leslie said...

FUN!!! all of it! Fun!

What about "Plenty O' Heart"? Lame? I'll keep thinking.

The Portas said...

I'm trying to think of some good names. I'll think and be back.

The video is so sweet! Smart girl. I love the jammies, too. And your diaper carriers are super cute.

Praying for a good heart report today. xoxoox

Jessica said...

I love that you opened up an Etsy! I already hearted you!

Name for the store, name for the store....
How about Spice Rack Crafts?
Ha ha!

Kathy said...

Whoever calls them your Hooter Hiders...I LOVE that name!!!

I LOVE the things that you've made so far and put up there!!! YEAH FOR ANDREA!!!

I hope Mr. Drew does well with the card.

and Miss Genius...too cute!!!

Lexi said...

The video was super cute!!! Kids constantly AMAZE me!!!! I hope your appointment went well looking forward to an update. Chat with you soon.

Michelle Maddux said...

Andrea, I love your business! Good luck to you. Great practical items. A great name would be "Mama Must Haves".

Jane said...

How about "Baby Bling"?

Thinking of you guys. Ava is soooooo cute.

Laura said...

2 things:

1) your kids rule.

2) ava looks a little like a mad scientist in the jammies the cutest way possible though.

3) {so i lied a little bit...} the 'momma must haves' has my vote...and your other friends are WAY more clever than i am. i can't think of a thing. {sigh}

Katie Scott said...

I love the video of Ava--what a smartie!!!! I do not have any creative ideas for your site, but I do love the items you make!

Vanessa said...

What a smart little girl. I love the new jammies. I need to go out and get Arianna some this week. It's been pretty chilly here too...for Arizona. :)

You, Kathy, and Samantha are all crafty. I couldn't do something like that if I wanted to. As far as names go I have no idea but I like the "Mama Must Haves" idea.