Monday, November 3, 2008

A New Dog House

Dan worked hard on building a dog house for our two doggies all weekend. Since we got new furniture and new carpet they have been outside dogs. This weekend was the first rainy and cold weather we've had and we want the to be warm this winter. So Dan went to the hardware store and bought all the supplies he needed to construct a fabulous dog house big enough for both doggies. Drew helped too! Some of the deluxe features include a raised, carpeted floor and a hinged roof so we can replace their big soft pillows. We still need to paint it, but the dogs were sleeping happily in their new house last night.

Super carpenter Dan

The frame is built

Drew helps with the construction

He wanted me to take a picture of him!

Finished dog house, with dogs inside


DeAnna said...

Wow I'm impressed great job Dan!

Anonymous said...

Great dog house. I think the kids need to do some painting on it though. Some cute little Ava and Drew handprints or maybe even some doggy footprints would be pretty cute!!

Molly said...

Good job Dan! Looks great!

The Portas said...

It's so cute to see Drew helping out like a big boy. That's quite a dog house! I think I could sleep cozily in there. Good job, Dan and Drew!

Jessica said...

There's something so cute about a guy who knows how to use power tools...I should know, I married a carpenter!

Awesome job Drew!! Oh, and good job helping out Dan! Every master carpenter needs a great apprentice :)

Amber said...

Great kids would be all over that! :0)

Kathy said...

WOW...good job Dan!!! It's nice enough to be the kids play house (hint hint)...that's what you should start working on for xmas!

Andrea...everytime I go to the toy stores...I see that BIG dinosaur that kids can ride on...and I think of Drew!

Laura said...

how'd he learn how to do all that? and i thought tony was handy! is dan interested in doing some light carpentry around our house??? we'll pay him in beer!

Vanessa said...

Wow that's an amazing job. Way to go guys!