Thursday, March 20, 2008

Surgery Date and other stuff

I spoke with Stanford this morning and we have a date. May 23. I think that sounds like a great date for surgery. Drew will be out of school by then, we'll be out of RSV season, it's after Ava's birthday and Mother's Day and it's still early enough in the summer that we can enjoy the fun summer activities after Drew's fully recovered. So May 23 it is.

This day has been exhausting. First of all, it started at 5 am. That is exhausting enough. I feel like I have been on the phone all day long! I called Stanford to schedule surgery. I called UCSF to schedule the developmental assessment (more on that later). I called UCSF again to get Drew's immunology lab results faxed to me so I can bring them to his appointment tomorrow. I called the alarm company to make an appointment for them to install a sensor on the exterior garage door. I called the community police officer twice to get them to come out and look for fingerprints (they couldn't find any). I called a locksmith to come and install a deadbolt on our connecting door to the garage (he already came and did it!) Dan called the insurance company then they called back and I gave them the recorded interview. And in between that I took Ava to her first gymboree class and have swept, vacuumed, and cleaned counters in preparation for lifegroup tonight. I still need to go to the store and buy my items to bring for dinner tonight.

When I called to schedule the developmental assessment it was the same psychologist who evaluated Drew because of his participation in a cardiac MRI study. Well, they wanted to evaluate him again when he was four so she is going to try and coordinate with them so this assessment will work for both reasons. So we don't have a date on that yet, but it will be in April.

I got Drew's lab results from immunology and I noticed something that bothered me. I haven't had a chance to discuss it with the doctor yet, but I will be making a phone call. Drew's CD3s, which are the T-cells that we care about, were lower than they were last time. They were 36%. I don't think they've ever decreased before, so I'm not so happy about that. But he has been healthier this year than he's ever been before, so I'm trying not to worry about it too much.


JABBY said...

wow! you have a lot going on sister! you are just handling it all amazingly too! you talk about your brave boy but you are a brave mama! i'm so proud to know you and call you friend :)
i think may 23rd is a perfect date too! just think-this time around you have a huge support team walking thru this with you carrying the load when it's too much to handle. God is good all the time-God is good. thanks for all the updates with appt's it helps us all know how to pray specifically. it makes me think about drew too when he's older he can read the history of his childhood and feel the love and support not only from his family but his extended family as well.
sending LOTS of love your way,

Vanessa said...

First of all I'm so sorry to hear bout the break in. I'm glad you got the sensor and deadbolt. Isn't it scary how easily people can just break into our homes and take things...thank God thats all they did.

And I think May 23rd is a perfect date too! Arianna had her surgery on May 22nd and it was a perfect time of year, just after RSV and right before the summer.

I'll be keeping Drew's immune system specifically in my prayers tonight. I'm still anxiously awaiting our results. You seem to understand more than me so I might be asking YOU questions when I get the results. :)

Take Care Hun!

The Portas said...

Yay! We both got our surgery dates yesterday! Isn't it a bittersweet feeling? Dreadfully scary, yet somehow relieving?

You had quite the busy day yesterday! Wow. I hope you can get some answers about the t-cell counts for peace of mind.

Take care! xoxo