Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Photos

We had a great Easter weekend. We colored eggs on Saturday afternoon and both kids really enjoyed it. Sunday morning the bunny came and filled our baskets and hid eggs all over the house. Ava wasn't feeling well so she stayed home with Grandma while the rest of us went to church. Drew sang Blessed Be Your Name with his preschool class at church and did such a good job singing! He looked a little scared, but it's progress! I tried to upload the video, but I don't think it worked so I'll try again later.

When we got home from church we all helped prepare the Easter Dinner. This year we had a Martha Stewart Easter and used her Easter menu. It turned out really good, although we didn't eat until after 7 because we forgot to factor in that our ham was frozen! We had deviled eggs, ham, scalloped potatoes, roasted asparagus, and lemon cake. We had fun visits with Grandma Kathy and Uncle Scott, Aunt Marie and Uncle Terry, and Adam and Becky and spent lots of time playing outside.


Kathy said...

those are just beautiful pics!!!
Did YOU make those cookies???
I'm SO jealous! My poor kids got the store bought frosted ones (I'm a bad mama!)
and you colored eggs with the kids...oh...I only filled the plastic ones with jelly beans (and we still haven't had a chance to hide them)..bad mama again!
It looks like Drew and Ava had a great weekend! Hope Ava feels better!

Isabelle's Mommy said...

Glad you had a great Easter!! Loved the slideshow!!

Jane said...

Happy Easter!

I just got myself caught up on your week, whew! Sorry about the break-in, how scary for you guys. I love the shots of the kids coloring eggs, I really couldn't let Simon or Ramona anywhere near our eggs, they were too crazy. Maybe next year ;)

Thinking about you as you get ready for surgery...

Leslie said...

i make the same protest face as ava!! mostly triggered when the dj is playing a bad song. i like protesting in the middle of a dance floor. yes, even @ weddings. i'm cool like that.

Katie Scott said...

I loved watching the slide show. Maybe I will be savy enough to post one some day....My favorite picture was of Drew and Ava posing together in the backyard. They always look like that, right? No fights, ever!! I am glad that Ava was able to get dressed up cute and enjoy her Easter!

The Portas said...

I started salivating as I looked through your pics of food. YUM! And the eggs looked so cute and the cookies looked amazing!

Thanks for sharing the pics. I'm glad you guys had a nice Easter!