Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I called Stanford yesterday to schedule surgery. The coordinator I spoke with said she needs to talk to Dr. Hanley to see what day he'd like to do it. I guess he only does surgery on Wednesday-Friday. She said there are a couple of days left available in April, otherwise we'll be in May. I should hear back from her tomorrow or Thursday.

Now my prayer is that everything will go smoothly with the insurance. Stanford is a covered hospital on our plan, but they need to accept the authorization from our cardiologist. The coordinator said they usually can get it worked out and sometimes the cardiologist has to write a strong letter to the insurance company. She also said sometimes Dr. Hanley himself writes a letter. So we'll pray that it all works out. It would be awful to spend all this time thinking and coming to a decision, only to find out that the decision has been made for us.


Kathy said...

Oh...don't even think about insurance. It HAS to be covered!
I am so excited for you...not that Drew needs another surgery...but, that the BEST man in the WORLD will be the one doing it. I can't wait for you to talk to him in person and you'll know what we've been talking about!
April or May...wow..that's so soon.
You're already in our prayers.

Jennifer said...

This battle you have with choosing the "right" surgeon for Drew's surgery and then having to deal with the insurance company ontop of it all reminds me all too much of my own experiences with Justin when I first heard news of his heart defects.

Your post yesterday really touched my heart. Thanks for posting that email. I always felt like I was making too big of a deal of which surgeon to choose, but it was because I care! And, that Doctor said it best when he said that caring is not a "liability"...So beautiful.

I will continue to pray for you and yours and that everything will go as it should.

Molly said...

God is much bigger than insurance companies! Rest in the comfort of knowing you have a LOT of people praying for all these details! And God is listening! Yay!

Lexi said...
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Lexi said...

I agree with Amy, God is MUCH bigger than a detail like the insurance company. I mean Dr. Hanley's daughter works for your father-in-law... what better of a detail to already have been worked out:) But non-the-less it's still annoying I'm sure! Your family is always in my prayers!!! And keep us updated!!!

Isabelle's Mommy said...

Hang in there Andrea I know all of this can't be easy! I am praying for you and Dan as you make these decisions and wait on awnsers.

Valerie said...

I would hold out as long as you can, at least until RSV peak season is gone.

Anonymous said...

Love Post: Sending love to all our lovies..

rene said...

Hello Andrea, I'm writing to send you thoughts and prayers for your son and your family. Dr Mainwaring performed my son's first surgery at 3days old here in San Diego. Brandon was born with a single ventricle, common atrium,and dextracardio.He has had 5 surgeries total(post modified fontan procedure).He is now an amazing 15yr old with no restrictions.He began high school this year,on the golf team,a 2nd degree black belt and above all is a kind loving young man. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!My thoughts and prayers are with you.There is a great support group of heart families.Look at www.Chifund.org to see what some of us mothers in San Diego have done to give our thanks to these amazing doctors!God Bless!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Comment from Rene!! To hear an uplifting story of a young man who has been through the same thing and is living a great life!! I just know God has AMAZING things planned for our boy Drew!! YOu are all in our prayers for the mighty things you endure but also know that you are in my prayers for the daily grind like little miss Ava when she unrolls the toilet paper roll for the hundredth time because now she knows how much fun it is. I love you Andrea!!