Friday, March 14, 2008


Well, I hadn't heard back from Stanford yet so I called them again this morning. I guess Dr. Hanley was out sick for a few days and now is in surgery so the coordinator hadn't had a chance to ask him about scheduling yet. So we will wait a few more days.

We do have an appointment at UCSF next Tuesday though. It is a follow-up appointment with immunology and it's long overdue. I think we were suppose to go in December. They will be checking his T-cell levels and we are hoping they are high enough that he can finally receive his live virus vaccines. I'm also hoping that the phlebotomist can get it in one try. Then on Friday we have an appointment with endocrinology. They follow his low calcium. Which reminds me, I should see if UCSF would be willing to check his calcium and parathyroid levels when they draw blood so that he doesn't have to get stuck twice in one week. Good thing he has this week off of school, or we'd be very busy!

Here's some random pictures from this week:

Ava has been interested in the potty, but so far has not been very successful. She usually tells me she wants to sit on the potty right after she goes. So in this picture her diaper was already wet but I let her sit on the potty for a while anyway. I left the room for 10 seconds while I went to get a new diaper and this is what I came back to!

Last night I was trying to entertain the kids without making a huge mess in the house, since I had just cleaned it. I had bought this sticky foam kit from Michaels and they both enjoyed making crosses for Easter. Ava especially loved it! I didn't get any pictures of Drew making his because he had already moved onto something else, probably airplanes. The three on the top left are Ava's, the three on the bottom left are Drew's, and Dan and I made the other ones.


Samantha said...

Sorry that they have not been able to schedule surgery yet...that is hard waiting to hear when you need to start preparing for.

I love the picture on the potty. The look on her face is adorable and the toilet paper on the floor is priceless!

Have a great weekend!

Heart Hugs,

Molly said...

That picture on the potty cracks me up. It's almost like she's looking at you and saying, "What? You're the one who left me... it's YOUR fault!"

Vanessa said...

Sorry you couldn't schedule his surgery, I know how badly you just want a date.

I just love Ava's potty pictures! What a doll!

Glad you found something fun to do without messing up the house. Nice work Mom & Dad!

Jessica said...

Dylan does the exact same thing on the potty...when he'll tolerate sitting on the potty that is.
I have learned to take the TP away! It was a hard lesson to learn!

Katie Scott said...

I love those pictures. The crosses looked like a fun project. Good job for spending quality time with your kids!!

Izabell said...

ok izzy did that the other day!! she tells me in after thought about the potty also. she looks so tiny on it can't believe they are two !

Jane said...

I'm impressed with your craftiness! I find I rarely have the energy for stuff like that ;)

Waiting anxiously to hear when the surgery will be...

Vanessa said...

Just stopping by to say hi! I have been thinking of you guys alot today. Hope you have a wonderful day!


Jennifer said...

Your daughter, Ava seems to be full of personality! That picture is priceless--the look on her face is of pure innocence while there is a pile of toilet paper right by her side.haha!

I gotta use that sticky foam idea for my own 2 year old boy. Great thinking!

I hope you'll get an appt by the end of the day!