Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our Week in So Cal

Last Sunday we drove down to Southern California so that we could attend Grandpa Weiss's memorial service in Santa Barbara. The service was very nice and not too sad. It really was a celebration of life with his three daughters each sharing stories about him, things they did together, places they went. It was very sweet. The only part that found me a little teary was when one of Grandpa's friends stood up to talk. He knew him from softball and lawn bowling and said he wanted Ed's family to know that the softball team supports them and would everyone from the team stand up. About half the church stood up. Later he asked all the lawn bowlers to stand up, and the other half of the church stood up. It was wonderful to see that Grandpa had so many friends and that they were all there to celebrate him. After the service we had our traditional Weiss family Chinese food dinner and enjoyed spending time together.

Dan had to fly home on Tuesday morning so he could work. But I had planned to help my sister move to college on Friday so I stayed with the kids at my mom's house. My parents had to work during the week so we didn't do much, just kind of hung around the house. We did visit my Dad, Mark on his birthday on Wednesday and had lunch with him in Simi Valley. I also got to visit with my friends Jamie and Laura which was nice. Then we helped Rachel move on Friday. Sunday we went to the welcome bbq at her school in Camarillo and tried to take the kids to the beach, but it started raining when we got there! My dad drove back with me on Monday so I wouldn't have to go alone (thanks Dad!) and we actually did the drive in about 6 hours. I think that is some kind of record for travelling with kids. We made a quick trip to the zoo this morning before bringing my dad to the airport so he could fly home. I am exhausted from being away from home and on my own with the kids and doing so much driving. I need a vacation!

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