Tuesday, August 28, 2007

All Grown Up

Well, its official. My baby sister is all grown up. I helped her move into her dorm room at CSUCI this past Friday. We had to figure out how to fit two beds, two desks, and two dressers into her little dorm room without blocking the two closets or the door. We tried many different configurations and finally came up with what we thought was best. We helped organize her desk, put her toiletries in the bathroom, and unpack her clothes. We ate with her at the cafe across the quad from her room and then left her with her roommates.

The experience brought back memories of when I was moving into my dorm room at UC Davis 11 years ago. I remember being excited, but also scared. I remember feeling like my life was about to change. Only this time, I could see it a little more from the parent's perspective. Of being proud of the person my sister has become, and wanting every good thing for her. But finding it a little difficult to let go. I want to call her every day and ask how her classes are, did she remember to go to the mandatory dorm meeting? And does she realize the sacrifice our parents are making for her to be there? Of course she doesn't. Not yet. I distinctly remember the transition from wanting your parents to leave you alone (high school) to actually appreciating them and wanting their advice on everyday things (college and beyond).

Next Tuesday it's my turn to drop my baby off at school and leave him on his own. Drew is starting preschool and while I've been looking forward to the break it will give me all summer long, I'm starting to feel nostalgic. I'm remembering back to when he was a tiny baby and his future was so uncertain we didn't know if he'd make it to preschool. For the past three and a half years I've been his advocate and his voice in every situation. And for the first of what I'm sure will be many times, I have to trust that I've taught him the skills he will need to navigate this new environment. To use his words, to share and be kind to others. And hopefully he'll have fun, make new friends and learn a little something along the way. He's growing up.


ams said...

I think you have said perfectly what I have been feeling- it's a big step sending the first baby out there in this world to fend for themselves for the first time. Kylee's class has 19 other preschoolers, and it's up to her to figure out where she fits in. I have always been her sidekick til now- I just hope I've prepared her well! Good luck next Tues- Drew will do great, just keep your smile on for him and let the tears flow once you get in the car!
Anne Marie

Anonymous said...

OH My goodness Andrea!! You had the tears flowing for me. I remember the first day I dropped off Tommy at his preschool. One of the teachers met me at the door with a tissue in hand. She already could tell I was going to be one of the "messy" moms. I will be thinking of you!!

Anonymous said...

Rachel is very lucky to have you for a sister. Feel free to call her about her classes, etc., she likes to know we care. She has called us everyday, which surprises me, only talks for a few minutes, but is very bubbly and likes to tell us about her day.

You are an incredible parent, my daughter! Drew will do great in school and Ava will follow in his footsteps.