Monday, August 13, 2007

Cardiology Check-up

Drew saw Dr. Parrish this morning. His O2 sats were 85%, the highest I've ever seen them, EVER. The Dr. said this could be an indication that the medication is working, but its not proof. The only way to really know is through cardiac catheterization. It's been three months since his last one. Here's the plan:

1. Increase the sildenafil to 3 ml three times a day.
2. In one month I will call Dr. Parrish and if we haven't seen any adverse side effects (dizziness, headaches, lethargy) we will increase to 3.5 ml three times a day.
3. In two months we will see the Dr. again and we will likely increase to 4 ml (the optimum dosage for his weight) three times a day. That would put us into October and we'd like to give the medicine a chance to work at the optimum dosage before we do the cath.
4. We will likely schedule the heart cath for January.
5. If it looks good we will schedule surgery for spring. If not, I guess we continue on the medication for a while longer and repeat the cath.


Valerie said...

Sounds good Andrea! Sounds like Dr. Parrish has a plan of action, which I like! 85% is good!

Love to you and your family

Dina said...

I'm glad Drew's appt. went well. Hope he continues to improve on the medication and that you can put off the surgery for awhile longer.


leslie. said...


I'm so glad Drew's manly meds are doing something for him. Is he feeling well through the increased doses?

Also, I came across a blog awhile back and only recently checked in to find out that the author is at the beginning stages of what seems to be a long-term commitment to a hospital for her baby boy (twin sister has no symptoms). I'm not certain if you'd want to even take a look, but: