Friday, August 31, 2007

California State Fair

I'm not really a fair person. In fact, I don't like crowds, I don't like the heat, and I don't trust most of those rickety rides that they just put together a few days ago. But I usually do make it out to the state fair every year. I usually go in the morning on a weekday to avoid too many people and too much heat. But this year we went on opening weekend! Crazy, I know. But we actually had the perfect day at the fair.

We went with another family which was great because the kids could go on rides together, the moms could chat and the dads could hang out too. We got there at 10 and left by 2 before it got too hot and we avoided any potential kid melt-downs. We saw the baby animals, went in the petting zoo, did the kiddie rides, ate corn dogs and funnel cake (mmm, fair food!) checked out the bunnies and birds and did a quick trip through toytopia--where the kids could play with lots of trains. We finished our day with a carousel ride, then poured on the hand sanitizer and headed home to the air-conditioning. Getting in the car, Drew exclaimed "what a fun day!"

Drew and Shaelyn on the bee ride

Riding the roller coaster

Bumper Boats

Drew getting a ride

The fair makes Ava tired

Mommy and Drew on the carousel


Jessica said...

Too fun! I have a carousel pic that is almost exactly like yours from the Phoenix Zoo.
You guys are brave to hit the fair on opening weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see Drew on all of the rides! Last time we took him to a place with rides, he was still apprehensive. My little guy is growing up, and having a lot of fun, too. The baby roller coaster, no less! And alone on a bumper car. Hmm... I see Disneyland in the future.