Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gingerbread House

We continued our yearly tradition of making gingerbread houses with the Smith Family. It was harder to coordinate our schedules this year, but we got it in right before Christmas! Jen, Todd and Darby came to our house to work on the gingerbread creation. This year the set from Costco came with the gingerbread house already assembled-bonus! We just had to frost and decorate. Our kids enjoyed placing the candy pieces just where they wanted them, and Darby had fun making a gingerbread man and emptying and refilling a bag of candy. Drew and Ava wanted to start eating the house immediately upon its completion. I let them have a few pieces. After the house was assembled we enjoyed a meal together. Thanks for joining us again this year Smiths!

Jen, Darby and Ava

Drew and Ava decorating the house

Jen helping Darby decorate her cookie

Posing with the house

The final product

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