Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning came around 7:15 at our house. Drew came and woke us up, then he woke Ava up and we all wandered into the living room together to see if Santa had come. He had and he even ate the cookies! He brought each child just what they wanted! Drew got his Star Wars General Greivous light saber and Ava got her Mulan princess. We all opened up our stockings while our breakfast pastry baked. Once it was ready, we took a break to eat something and Drew read the story of Jesus’s birth from the Bible. Afterwards we opened our presents to and from each other and the rest of our family. It was such a nice, relaxing morning, with no rushing around having to be somewhere. We opened our presents, enjoyed each other’s company and played together. It was the best Christmas ever!

Drew opening his stocking

Ava with her stocking

Drew with his light saber from Santa

Ava with her Mulan doll from Santa

Happy Family

Santa ate our cookies!

Drew with his new skateboard

Ava with some her new Rapunzel toys

Drew's new basketball hoop

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