Friday, October 16, 2009

California State Fair 2009

Hearts of Hope gets free tickets for the California State Fair every summer and we were lucky enough to be able to go once again this year. We only had a few hours free between school and soccer practice, but with temperatures well over 100 degrees that was plenty of time to go on some rides, see some animals, and eat some fair food before heading back indoors to the air conditioning.

We spent most of our time in the Kids Zone and I was surprised at how many rides the kids wanted to try. Drew even went down the giant slide with me. They liked most of the rides, but I convinced them to try the jolly roger and lets just say...we won't be doing that again.

After the rides we headed across the fairgrounds to see the animals. On the way there we passed the "everything fried" booth and I just had to try the deep fried s'more. It was pretty good, but very very sweet! But hey, when in Rome...Anyway, once we got over there we got to see all the baby animals including baby pigs that were born that morning. So cute! Then we passed through the insect and reptile house, grabbed our free M&Ms ice cream sandwich, and hurried out of the fair and off to soccer practice!

My cuties on the boat ride

Jolly Roger-not a hit!

Mmm...deep fried s'more!

The kids with a baby cow

Ava petting a snake

Drew holding a snake

Hot and tired kids grabbing our ice cream sandwiches on the way out


Kate said...

lol i know it's terrible, but i love the pic of them on the not-so-jolly roger!

The Portas said...

Ava and Drew are so brave with the snake! Braver than I would be.

I had a deep fried Snickers one year at our state fair. Super sweet, but very tasty.

Thanks for sharing the cute pics!