Saturday, October 17, 2009

Family Reunion

Continuing our summer wrap-up...

At the end of August we attended a family reunion for my maternal grandfather's side of the family. The reunion was held at Pismo Beach and we were looking forward to seeing everyone and were hoping to turn the trip into a mini-vacation. My parents, brother & sister, aunts and uncles and cousins all got rooms in the same hotel. Our room was on the ground floor which was great for letting the kids play outside in the courtyard and gave us a little more space. The early mornings were spent taking walks on the beach with the kids. They loved exploring and collecting shells & sand dollars and looking for crabs. We all had fun spending time with the family and I know my grandpa especially enjoyed having his entire family surround him.

Me and my brother and sister

Drew and Ava walking down the 100 steps to the beach

Exploring a cave

Climbing on a big rock

Drew took this picture of me and Dan on a morning walk

We found this hermit crab and followed him for a while

My mom, Uncle Tommy and Aunt Marie with Grandpa

The entire Oddone family!

And the view from our room

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The Portas said...

What a beautiful family gathering! You and your siblings are GORGEOUS!

I love the beach pics of Ava and Drew. They couldn't be any cuter.