Thursday, February 26, 2009


Yesterday at Drew's school they were talking about what they wanted to be when they grow up. This is part of our conversation in the car on the way home:

Drew: Cody wants to be a doctor. A dog doctor.
Mom: Oh, a dog doctor is called a veterinarian.
D: Yeah and he wants to help dogs. And Ryan wants to be a cheffer.
M: A cheffer? Do you mean a chauffeur?
D: No, a cheffer!
M: Like someone who cooks food?
D: Yeah.
M: That's a chef. What do you want to be?
D: I want to be a worker.
M: What kind of worker?
D: I want to build tall houses.
M: Oh. That's cool. Like Bob the Builder.
D: And I want to hold signs, and put up cones.
M: OK, just like the workers on our street.
Ava: And I want to be a fixer!
M: Oh, what kind of fixer?
A: One who fixes cars.
M: That is a mechanic.
A: Yeah, and I will have a girl hammer.
D: And I will have a BIG hammer!


Amy, Steve, Molly, Paige and Garrett said...

That's adorable! Tell Ava that I have a girl hammer and she can borrow it any time! :)

Allison said...

Ava would be the prettiest mechanic ever & would have no shortage of customers!
Funny little ones!

Leslie said...

can you imagine her with a little oil smudge on her little nose?? so cute. and drew with his cool, construction hat directing all of his minions to build his glorious architectural masterpieces!

The Portas said...

Sooo cute. :) Ava, the little spunky mechanic and Drew, the smiley, hard-working "worker."

DeAnna said...

That is so cute! That made me smile! Your kids are too cute!!

Laura said...

this makes me want to change my career. drew makes being a worker sound WAY more fun than being just a stupid teacher. i don't wear a hat, put out cones, OR have a big hammer. how lame. ;)

Jessica said...

Sometimes I want to take a hammer to my car to "fix it" as well. A girl hammer OR a big hammer!

Anonymous said...

I heard about your miraculous son's blog page on the Yahoo congenital heart group from Valerie. His story is truely courageous and his family is as well. My son also has DiGeorge, but a different chd. We go to Phoenix for his care, but are hoping to get a second opinion from Dr. Hanley at Stanford as my son has MAPCA's. I was so happy to see you love the care there and to see the Lucille packard link.

Thank You!
Robin Parra
Mom to Angel, 2 yrs.old, TOF, MAPCA, DiGeorge, Unrepaired as of yet.

Vanessa said...

Now that is priceless!