Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day!

Yesterday was our Be a Sweetheart event. We turned our annual Valentine's Day tradition into a women's event that our church could participate in. Instead of assembling everything at home, we brought all the supplies to a conference room at the Med Center and did it there. About ten women from church joined us and we filled all the bags with kisses, attached the heart balloons and notes, and put together buckets of jelly beans and thank you notes for the nurses who work so hard to take care of these kids. My friend Allison was able to come and share some of her story with her little boy, Joshua, who has HLHS. We also had a craft set up in the play room. Diana, the wonderful child life manager, stayed late so that she could take us around the units to deliver balloons to all the kids in the hospital. There were 87 kids that received balloons last night.

Drew and Ava came with us and were so excited to deliver balloons to the babies in the NICU. We especially like to bring balloons there because Drew spent six weeks at the UCD NICU when he was born (after the four he spent at UCSF after surgery). It's nice to be able to tell the parents that we understand because we were there five years ago, and look at him now! There was one family we spoke with who had been in for three weeks and were going home the next day. They were happy to see us and even lifted Drew up so that he could see their baby.

I love doing this and I loved being able to share it with more people this year. I hope we can do it again next year and maybe even expand to include another hospital...

Drew with some of the balloons at home

Me and Allison

Allison sharing her story, with bags of candy waiting to be attached to the balloons

My team-Jen, me, Kym and Allison

Our family ready to visit the babies

Ready to make a delivery


Valerie said...

Sweet stuff Andrea! Youa re a good person!

Allison said...

Thank you Andrea for including me in this event! It was a really special way to give back to other families, in some small way. You are such a thoughtful person & I know you brightened the day of all 87 kids & their families (not to mention those of us who got to pitch in & help)!
Can't wait to do it again next year!

Anonymous said...

It was the best way ever to spend a Friday night. Thanks Andrea and Allison for sharing your stories and sharing this event with us so that we can get small piece of what you went through although we have no way of understanding the magnitude of what you have been through

Yep, That's Really Our Name! said...

Love It!!! Looks beautiful. If we were in tow, we would have been right there with you!!!

Valerie said...

I had to post that in the photo of you and Allison you both look "teary eyed". Knowing both of you, I think I am accurate.

The Portas said...

What an awesome event! You guys are amazing. oxoo

Carlla said...

That is awesome what you guys did. I would love to take part in something like this! Maybe next year if you have room for another heart mom.