Thursday, February 19, 2009


Drew and Dr. B

Drew had his five-year check-up yesterday with our pediatrician. I love our doctors! Dr. B answered all my questions, went over all of my concerns and spent nearly an hour with us and never made me feel rushed. Drew is growing well, he is now 40 lbs 9 oz (49th percentile) and 41 inches (14th percentile) and is pretty much sticking to his own growth curve. We updated his electronic medical record as he is no longer taking any medication (!) and his hydronephrosis is considered to be resolved. We are getting another referral to PT to have them check out his orthodics. We are also going to see immunology again in the spring to see if Drew can have his live virus vaccines yet, but I'm not very hopeful about that. He did get two shots yesterday though (most kids also get their chicken pox and MMR boosters) and was very brave. They also did a hearing and vision test and he passed both of those. Yay, we're ready for kindergarten!

Today Drew had a fever, 100.8 when we took his temp and gave him some motrin, then fell asleep. That worried me, so we put a call in to the doc, and they say that kids are more reactive to the vaccines at this age than as babies, and that it is probably from that. Yesterday when we were there his blood pressure was high both times they checked it. I forgot to ask the doctor about it then and mentioned it today. They want to check him out so we're going back tomorrow.


Craftgasm said...

i'll be thinking of you tomorrow. love!

Craftgasm said...

oops, i didn't know i was logged in like that! this is kate, in case you know anyone else who could possibly have that nick. :-)

Valerie said...

text me with an update.

Love you.

The Portas said...

Great 5-year visit! He is doing sooo well, that little superstar.

Praying for a harmless fever! Have a great weekend..oxoxo