Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kid-free weekend

This weekend my aunt and uncle asked if they could take the kids with them to visit my cousin in Oakland. It took me about 2 seconds to say, OK! They picked the kids up on Friday around bedtime, and brought them back today at 4. I missed them a lot while they were gone! Normally I don't really mind being away from them for a short time, but I think it was different because we were at home. There is just something strange about being at home without the kids here.

Anyway, I still had to get up at 5:30 to run 9 miles with my friend on Saturday, so no sleeping in, but I did get to sleep through the night without interruption! When I got home Dan and I tried to think of all the things we wanted to do with our freedom. We ended up going shopping (I got a new anniversary watch), having lunch, seeing a movie and visiting my friend Gina (who had brain surgery on Friday) in the hospital. Gina looks amazing and is doing so well after her surgery that she might get to go home tomorrow! That evening we decided to go out for Indian food since we can't normally take the kids to do that because it is too spicy. It was so good! We were both stuffed!

Sunday morning we attended our marriage class, then had church. Afterwards we just relaxed at home enjoying our last few hours before the kids got back. They had an awesome time visiting Heather and John in Oakland. They went to the park, visited animals on a farm, rode a steam engine, played soccer, ate pancakes for breakfast, looked for dinosaur bones in the backyard and snails in the garden, and came home with balloons! They had their own little mini-vacation.

Now we're just getting back into the routine and ready for our week. Hope everyone had a good weekend!


The Portas said...

What a nice little weekend for everyone! The uninterrupted alone time for Mommy and Daddy is so needed once in a while, and so is non-Mommy and Daddy time for the kids. Everything you guys did sounds wonderful! That's usually what Dan and I do, too, when we don't have Elijah....go eat spicy food! :)

DeAnna said...

What a treat!! I am glad you guys had some time to yourselves!!

Bahar said...

Ok-I'm jealous. No actually I am so glad you guys had a weekend without the kids. So there is hope...I am trying to be better with this computer stuff. Luv & miss u!

Kathy said...

9're AMAZING!!!
I think I'm doing alot when I walk a mile everyday.

Oh...I thought of Drew the other day. Have you seen the new, HUGE remote control dinosaur at Target. It's like $'s in a glass case on display. (he must go see it if he hasn't already!)

Have a super weekend!!! said...

Seems like you get little mini vacations a lot. Good for you guys you deserve it. Wishing you all a happy week.