Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of Preschool


It's time for preschool to start again!

This year Drew is going 3 days a week, and Ava will be going on Fridays. Yes, you heard me right, I will have three hours every Friday to be childless! I would like to think that I'll be getting pedicures and taking naps during my free time, but in reality I will probably be cleaning bathrooms and going to the grocery store. Oh well, it will be easier to do those things by myself too.

Here are the little munchkins this morning before Drew's first day of school, and Ava's preview day. For some reason the picture looks blurry.

Drew did fantastic today and went right back into his usual routine. He did not bat an eyelash when I left and didn't even seem to mind that he had new teachers and new friends in his class. He's been singing school songs ever since we got home.

Ava did well at her preview (moms stay for the preview day), but I find myself wondering if the teachers know what they are getting into with her. She can be very stubborn sometimes, as she has been demonstrating all afternoon. This girl is trying to slowly kill me! But I will not be broken! I am still the queen of this house! At least for now...


Anonymous said...

All Hail Andrea the Queen. May you always reign in your kingdom hahahahha

Kathy said...

Ditto that...
All Hail Queen Andrea!!!
You WILL continue to reign as the queen...(or at least those three hours you're alone on Friday!)

That Ava...she cracks me up! And, even if I hadn't met you can TOTALLY see it in her face!

And..Drew..the brave one...he's always amazing. I hope he has a wonderful time in preschool!

Thanks for the updates.

Molly said...

One day when Ava is an adult you are going to be so thankful that she's confident, stubborn and not a follower! I LOVE her personality (although, granted, I don't have to parent her)!

Leslie said...

how quickly are those three hours going to fly by? let us know how they go! ava's hilarious. it'll be fun to tell her all of these stories when she gets older!

towel monkey? huh?

Grandma said...

How nice that Drew was excited about school starting up again. What a brave, trusting, curious boy you are raising! The teachers will love Ava's personality, just as we all do, and don't forget they are always better behaved when parents aren't around.

Love you,


The Portas said...

Queen Andrea, how nice that you'll have a few hours to yourself every week! Go sit on the couch and eat ice cream as you drift in and out of napping. The toilets can wait! :)

I'm so glad Drew does so well with school and likes it so much. I'm sure Ava will do great too. And look how cute those two are...I love it!

Take care! xoxo

Vanessa said...

I sit here looking at the picture of Drew and it just amazes me at how much this little guy has been through and he isn't even in kindergarden yet.

That being's great to hear about normal things like preschool. I'm glad Drew did well and enjoyed himself.

Ava is just a doll! I hope she adjusts well to her class. This will be a good break for you.