Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Date

UCSF called this afternoon. The new date for Drew's heart catheterization is January 2. That is technically after the holidays, but just barely. I think it will work well for us because I was worried that he'd get better and then just get sick again, but this way he probably won't have a lot of time or opportunity. We will have a break from preschool and our mom's groups so I think he will have less of an opportunity to be around potentially sick kids. Hopefully we will rid our house of all the sickness before then.


Molly said...

Oh boy... that's sooner than I thought they would get him in! But that's great that he'll be free of "germy" situations for a bit before his cath. I'm sure that will help!

Izabell said...

we will be keeping him and your entire family in our thoughts throughout. I love the new pictures of you guys in the profile! the one with the trees is wonderful! you guys are way too cute:) love wyndi steven and izzy