Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

After much cajoling from Drew, we decided to get our tree last weekend. The kid is so into Christmas! We saw a tree at someone else's house and he said sadly, "We don't have a tree..." That's because it was still November! Anyway, we went with our friends, the Quayles, on Friday morning. After trying out a place in Natomas, we ended up in Dixon at Silveyville Farms. It's a cut your own tree place, but they also have fresh cut trees available, plus free cider & popcorn, sleigh rides, a Christmas playland, etc. The kids had a great time, and the highlight seemed to be the lollipops they got from the sleigh operator (not Santa). We found the perfect tree (a little skinnier than we got last year) and we even picked up a tiny tree for the kids. The idea was to let them touch and play with the little tree so that they would leave the big tree alone. So far so good.

Then on Saturday morning we decorated the trees. It was a lot of fun! We listened to Christmas music and the kids looked through all the ornaments. They picked their favorites to put on their small tree and helped with placement of the ornaments on the big tree. Drew helped Dan put the lights up too. He really is getting to be such a good helper. Drew wanted to put candy canes on his tree so I bought him some. Not a great idea. Ava has munched on most of them, leaving the sticky, slimy, staining canes in various locations on our white carpet. But the trees do look beautiful and the kids love them!


Molly said...

Thanks for the advice... no candy canes for Molly...

Anne Marie said...

the house looks great! and i love the "small tree" for the kids- great idea! hope drew is all smiles now that he has his christmas tree :)