Saturday, August 28, 2010

Soccer Girl

Last night was Ava's first soccer game. The team had their first game last weekend, but we missed it since we were at the beach. She looked so adorable in her uniform, I could hardly stand it! She was excited to play with her team, the Fruit Loops, and to see her friends Catie and Keilani. I made the girls matching soccer hair ribbons to wear and she could not wait to give them to her friends! She did a great job during the game. While she wasn't the most aggressive player on the field, she did stay near the action and got a few good kicks in. When she was playing defense there wasn't too much to do (our team is pretty good and spent most of the time near the goal) so she and another player just played in the grass. :)

We are looking forward to many more Friday night games this season!

Ava modeling her hair ribbon

Keilani and Ava-best friends


The Portas said...

Oh my, these photos are ADORABLE! She could not be any cuter! The Fruit Loops, how funny.

Anonymous said...

Wow Ava! I think you're super cute in your soccer uniform, and those hair bows....give your mommy a big hug, cause she did a great job and they are so stylish! :-)

Since when do they have PINK soccer balls, I'm soooo out of the loop!

Jen Jen

Frizzy and Bird said...

Lookin Good Eva! I bet you had a blast playing soccer. I hope you and your team have a great season!

You have the best mommy in the world. Do you know that?