Monday, August 23, 2010

First Grade!

I can not believe I am the mother of a first grader!

My little boy is getting so big! Here he is on his first day of first grade:

Drew was so excited to start school again and see his friends. He was really looking forward to staying all day (kindergarten is a half day) and eating lunch in the cafeteria. I wasn't as worried about him starting first grade as I was with kidnergarten, but there was a little anxiety. It's hard to leave your child in the care of other people, especially if you haven't even met them yet! So I met with the principal before school started and gave him a letter about Drew and his medical history. It made me feel better. :) And he was very understanding and even forwarded the letter to Drew's teacher and PE teacher.

So this morning, as I was walking Drew to his classroom I got to meet his teacher. I introduced myself as Drew's mom and she told me that she got my letter and that her older sister has congenital heart defects and has had heart surgeries, so she's familiar with CHDs. We didn't have much time to talk since school was starting, but I felt such a relief! When am I going to learn to let go and trust God? Once again He provided the perfect teacher for Drew--probably the only one who has experience with children having heart surgery. Thank you God for always putting the right people in our lives and for gently reminding me who is in control.

Drew in his new classroom

After school I picked Drew up and took him and Ava out for ice cream--our first and last day of school tradition. He told me he had a good day, he liked his teacher, he liked his friends and that his favorite part of the day was recess. And that is about all I could get out of him! I pray that this is a great year for him, that he learns a lot, makes new friends, and continues to be a kind and compassionate friend.

After school-he made a hat!

Enjoying ice cream after school

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The Portas said...

God has everything under control! How wonderful that He has put a wonderful teacher in your (and Drew's) path. I can't believe your little boy is a first grader already! Goodness, where does the time go?

I'm glad Drew likes school and I am VERY glad that God (and his teacher) has decided to help ease the mommy worry mind a bit.