Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Drew is in the cath lab right now

We got up at 5 this morning and Drew woke up around 5:15. He said “we’re going to the hospital.” He actually seemed kind of excited about it. We got here earlier than we needed to, around 6:15 am. Since Ava is not with us we came to the conclusion that she must be the reason we are usually late. :)

They had a bed for us right away and we got Drew settled in with his pillow and doggy. He watched some cartoons while we waited to see the nurse. He asked me a few times for a snack, but I had to tell him no. When the nurse came in he got a little upset and started saying “I don’t want to.” He didn’t want a hospital bracelet, the hospital jammies, or the numbing cream. We convinced him to do all these things because Franklin did it in his book, Franklin Goes to the Hospital. They gave him some benadryl and versed, neither of which tasted good, but it did make him kind of loopy. When they were transporting him up to the cath lab his head started to get wobbly and he was laughing at things. As usual, the most difficult part was getting the IV in. We waited outside while they did it and had to listen to him scream for twenty minutes. The nurse said they got it in two sticks, but he screams even while they are looking for a vein. When we went in to give him a kiss he was already asleep.

The good news is that he won’t be intubated like I thought he would. They got started around 8:45 and it should take 2-3 hours. They don’t expect to have to coil any collateral veins or balloon any arteries, but if they find some they will let us know. So we’ve got our pager and we will wait to hear from them. We’ll post more later.

Here is a picture of Drew watching Cars in his hospital room before the cath.


rose said...

i have been praying for you guys all morning. hang in there. you're the best mommy and daddy for drew! love you all.

DeAnna said...

Andrea and Dan, You guys are in our hearts and prayers today! Please dont hesitate to call if you need anything, whatever that may be! We love you!

The Gallardos

Rebecca Myers said...

I have been thinking of you all morning, the waiting for the pager to go off is the worst part (at least it was for us). I hope you guys get to come home tonight. You are in our prayers.
Rebecca, Ted, Vaughn & Luke

Dina said...

I"m sending good thoughts your way and hoping everything goes as planned.