Friday, May 11, 2007

Check and Check

Authorization: Check
Compounding Pharmacy: Check

I am so excited! I love it when everything works out!

Since we found out on Tuesday that we would be postponing surgery and trying this new medication, I got to work on calling the pharmacy, calling the insurance company and looking up information online. No one at the pharmacy had heard of filling a prescription for sildenafil for a child. The insurance company had never heard of it either. And they don't cover sildenafil on any of their plans. I read online that it can cost $35 a day, about $1000 a month. The insurance company said they might cover it, but it had to be authorized first. So I called Dr. Parrish back and asked him to do that and gave him the number of our pharmacy. That was Wednesday.

On Thursday I called the pharmacy to see if the Rx had been faxed over yet. They said no and they didn't know if they could make it anyway. OK great. So I called Dr. Parrish again and said if they can't do it, then how about the UCD hospital pharmacy. I still hadn't heard anything back this morning and I am supposed to pick up this prescription and bring it with us to our appointment at 8:30 Monday morning. Time was running out!

But then one of the nurses from the heart center called and said they got the authorization from the insurance company! Yeah! But, they still hadn't found a pharmacy that could make the compound. I asked again about the UCD phamacy and she said they weren't open weekends and didn't make compounds. That made no sense to me, so I called them myself and, surprise, they are open 9-5 Saturday AND Sunday and they do make compounds with 24 hours notice! I called her back and it is taken care of! We'll pick up our prescription on Sunday and bring it with us to the appointment Monday morning. Now we just have to pray that the medication works and doesn't have any serious side effects.

Also, both my kids are sleeping and I've been able to make four dozen cupcakes and two round cakes for Ava's birthday party tomorrow. Now its on to 24 star-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and picking up a bunch of balloons.


astimac said...

Hey, leave something for me to help with for party!

Great news about the medication. Good job, Andrea.

Love, Mom

rose said...

hey-nice work on the RX. it was like a treasure hunt my goodness. looking forward to the party tomorrow :)it's supposed to be a really nice day-yeah!

Laurie Kubicek said...

I am so excited to hear that Drew's surgery is postponed! I've been praying for him often knowing that it was now I'll shift gears and start praying that this new medication and plan will work perfectly!

- Laurie

Izabell said...

happy mothers day!