Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pediatric Heart Surgery Reunion

Today we went to a Pediatric Heart Surgery Reunion at Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento. It was really fun. They had a lot of activities for the kids and lots of free food for everyone. We ate pizza, Drew decorated a heart cookie and Francie Dillon (the children’s entertainer) played her guitar and sang for the kids. There was also basketball, fishing for prizes, crafts, the Kings dancers and Dinger from the River Cats. It was nice to talk to the other families whose kids have had heart surgery there. Except we felt like imposters because our heart surgeries were at UCSF.

It’s not like we crashed the party or anything. We were invited! But I think we were the only family who didn’t have surgery there and I kind of felt like I should keep it a secret. Which became difficult when Francie invited Drew up with her to sing his favorite song. She wanted to know if he had surgery there. I said no. She asked, “Oh, it was his sister?” I said “Um. No. It’s complicated.” Then as soon as they were done singing Rudolph (it is his favorite) we were out of there! I didn’t want to be caught!

Drew with his yummy heart cookie

Dinger-The Rivercats mascot-doing the hokey pokey

Francie Dillon and Drew singing Rudolph

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