Sunday, February 25, 2007

I woke up another day!

About two weeks ago Drew started saying something new when he woke up in the morning. “Mommy! I woke up another day!” The first thing I hear in the morning (well, the first thing after Ava crying to be fed) is his sweet little voice, genuinely excited to wake up another day. And I don’t know where he got it. We don’t say that to him and I can’t imagine where he would have heard it. It’s pretty cute, but also pretty powerful. At three years old, I find it hard to believe he realizes that we may not wake up another day. But maybe, after all he’s been through, he does get it. Maybe he does understand what a blessing each new day is and how lucky we are to be here to enjoy it.

Of course for Drew it means one more day to enjoy playing with his train table!


leslie. said...

sooooo glad i just realized that you have a blog too!! i'm absolutely in love with your little kids and i can only imagine how neat they must be in person. maybe one of these days i'll just have to invite myself over to play?

Mother in Chief said...

I think our kids know that something is different with them. They may not know what it is for sure, but I think they must sense something. Just the other day Riley asked me what kind of medicine Carter will take when he is bigger. I'm also wondering at what point do we not have him in the room with us anymore when we *really* talk about stuff with his cardiologist. Anyway, I wish I was so cheerful when I woke up in the morning... probably could learn something from your kid's enthusiasm.

Also, thanks for all of your support and comments with Riley. It has been a rough couple of months wondering and waiting and hoping. And I think I remember you telling me that Drew's Fontan was coming up??

Andrea said...

I think its really sweet that they just assume all of this is normal. Like Riley thinks everyone takes medicine every day. Drew has been noticing his scars lately. It doesn't seem to bother him though, just something to look at. You guys are in our prayers. I know waiting is so hard. I hope you get some answers soon. Drew's Fontan is not scheduled yet, but its looking like June. We'll keep you posted.