Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Field Trip to Safeway

On Wednesday I was able to accompany Ava and some of her friends on a field trip to Safeway. It was a lot of fun! The kids got to visit each department and learn what they do. They started at the floral department and got a bag with a drink and a snack in it. They also were promised a balloon from the department at the end of the tour. Next we went to produce and they gave each child an apple. Mmmm. It was hard for them not to eat it right away. Then we went to the meat department and watched them put beef through the grinder...ew! We got to visit the freezer where they keep the ice cream and the dairy case. We could peek through and see people on the other side! We went to the bakery to see where they bake bread and pies and got a cookie for our bag. Next it was the Deli where the kids got to try chicken strips. Finally we got to go to Starbucks and get yummy hot chocolate. It was a fun field trip!

Molly, Keilani and Ava ready for the field trip
In the freezer section. Brr!
Ava and Keilani in the dairy case
The kids enjoying their apples and cookies
Landice and Ava enjoying their hot chocolates
Keilani and Molly drinking their hot chocolates

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