Sunday, November 14, 2010

Care Packages for MLH

On Saturday November 13th a group of women from my church came to my house to help pack care bags for Mended Little Hearts. The week before many of our friends at church brought donations of items to go into the care bags. I was humbled by the amount they gave! When we all got together to pack the bags at my house, we had enough for 50 complete bags, plus some items left over to go into future bags. It was a nice event and we shared about how we had experienced God's comfort during hard times in our own lives. I also was able to show a slideshow of our members so that the women could see the kinds of families that our carebags go to.  The timing of the event was perfect. We were completely out of care bags before we did the event and we handed out 30 bags to within days of assembling them. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed items or helped pack the bags!

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