Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Our fourth of July celebration started on the 2nd, when our family got to visit the TNT warehouse and take home A LOT of fireworks! Two years ago when Drew was finally discharged from the hospital after six weeks we came home on July 3rd to a very large variety of fireworks thanks to the very generous Cathy C. who works there. She offered to provide fireworks for our family every year, and so far she has! The kids enjoyed walking through the warehouse with her this year as she picked up various fireworks and loaded them into our box. They also really like their fireworks playing cards!

Drew and Ava selecting some fireworks

Our family with The Big Timer!

Drew and Cathy from TNT

On the actual 4th of July the kids got dressed in the American Flag t-shirts and we all went to church. Then we had a wonderful day on the river with our friends the Parks, who took us out on their boat. I did a little wakeboarding and Drew even got to try some tubing. We cruised up and down the river and had a great time! We headed home around 7:30 to get ready for our own personal fireworks show!

The kids eating snacks at church

The Parks' Party Boat!

Me and Dan cruising

Me and Ava cooling off in the river

Drew's first time tubing-with buddies Tristan and Eben

Once we got home, we got the kids into their jammies and our friend Kate came over to enjoy the show. Drew helped Dan unpack the fireworks and choose which order to do them. Then we sat in our lawnchairs with blankets and earplugs (for the kids) and enjoyed the show!

Getting the fireworks assembled

Watching the show

My attempt at taking a picture of a firework

We hope you had a fun and safe 4th of July too!

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