Monday, June 8, 2009

A Boy and a Girl

This weekend was a big one at our house. We had Drew's last T-ball game and Ava's first dance recital on the same day! Grandma and Grandpa and Grandpa Oddone and Gigi drove up from So Cal for the occasion. We also had Aunt Marie and Uncle Terry, cousin Adam from Amador and cousins Heather and John from Oakland join us. Since we don't live very close to most of our family, it was really special to me to have so much family there.

The day started off early, with Drew's last Scrappers game at 9:00 am. The weather was cooler than usual, but warmed up as the game went on. Drew was playing third base and got three hits and two RBI's. Then in the last inning he wanted to play catcher, so he got all suited up and did a great job behind the plate. I was very proud of him for trying it again, because the last time he played catcher he did not like it! After the game, Drew enjoyed his team snack of chocolate cupcakes!

Drew's team party was later that afternoon at Mountain Mike's Pizza. I couldn't go because Ava had to be at her recital early. Dan went with Drew and they both came home with trophys! Drew also got the SweetHeart award, because he's a sweet heart! Dan was recognized for being a great assistant coach. I'm so proud of my guys!

Ava's dance recital went great! I wasn't sure if she would dance on stage in front of everyone, because well, you know how she is. But she did great! She followed the teacher's lead and looked very cute! I didn't get very good pictures, but I did get video. Afterward Heather and John presented her with flowers and she was so proud of herself!

We all came home and had a yummy BBQ in the backyard. We had braided mozzarella and pita chips, gourmet sausages, green salad, fruit platter, pasta salad, and key lime pie. And lots of wine! The kids played outside and we had a wonderful time just visiting. At the end of the evening we re-watched the days events on video and just celebrated having a boy and a girl.


Valerie said...

so the photo of your entire family is fantabulous! Especially of you Andrea, the light is hitting you just right and I love, love, love your dress!

The Portas said...

Very fun!! I love the photo of the whole family, too. Beautiful family!

Ava just looks so darn cute in her dance costume. I'm glad she cooperated and danced up on stage! xo

Vanessa said...

Sounds like the perfect day!

Leslie said...

such athleticism they're taking on!! what's a braided mozzarella? and is it as yummy as it sounds?