Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our big girl

Ava has been so much fun lately. She has really gotten into playing dress-up and in choosing her own clothes. She likes to do everything herself, including doing her own buttons and zippers. I'm proud that she is so self-sufficient, but it can make getting ready in a hurry almost impossible.

Our little princess

My new favorite photo-what a cute family I have!

Ava dressed herself in a Santa hat and Christmas shirt

Ava also hit another milestone recently. She began climbing out of her crib. I'm surprised she hasn't done it sooner, she has been climbing into her crib for a long time. Sadly, it seems her naps are coming to an end. About half the time she falls asleep and the other half she is awake in her crib, talking, singing, and playing. So, since she probably not going to be taking naps for much longer and she is now climbing out of her crib, we decided to get her a big girl bed! She has been sleeping in it since Sunday night and she has transitioned really well. She has not gotten up out of her bed at all and goes right to sleep each night. We are so proud of her! I still need to find bedding that matches her room, but for now she's happy in Drew's old blue ensemble.

Tiny girl in a big bed

Ava loves her big girl bed!


Vanessa said...

Yay for the new bed! Wish Arianna was this good. She crys all the time and won't just "go" to sleep. Then she ends up in our bed. Agh...what can I do.

I love the new bed though!

The Portas said...

You DO have the cutest little family. Adorable picture!

Ava looks so cute and little in the big bed. What a fun milestone, ditching the crib!

Have a good weekend, you guys. Thanks for sharing the fun new pics. oxoxo

Anonymous said...

Ok Andrea that first princess picture looks exactly like you when you were that age...Love, UT & AL

Anne Marie said...

Ava's already in a big girl bed! Oh my goodness she's growing fast! I'm glad she's handling the transition so well, what a champ!