Saturday, March 28, 2009

Last Weekend-Auntie, T-ball and the Kings

We have been so busy lately, I haven't had time to post anything.

Last weekend my sister and her boyfriend came to visit us on her spring break. The kids love hanging out with Auntie and Marshall and were so excited to see them. But they came on a busy weekend and we had Drew's opening ceremony and parade for T-ball as well as his first game on Saturday. We had to be at the school ready to begin the parade at 8:15, and of course our beautiful warm weather was gone! We were freezing! But the boys looked so adorable in their Scrappers uniforms. Once the parade finally started we got to follow a firetruck through the streets to the ball field. And once again I was reminded of how far we've come since last year. Drew wouldn't have been able to walk the quarter mile to the field last year. But last weekend he walked the whole way! He did get a little bit tired and hung in the back some of the time, but he did it. I was so proud of him!

Drew's first T-ball game was adorable! But sadly, my camera ran out of batteries right before the game started. :( It was clear that our team was new to the sport, but they all had fun anyway! It rained on us a little bit during the game so we had to huddle together under a blanket. At Drew's first at bat he hit the ball, then stood there for a while until we all yelled "Run!" then he ran towards third base, before finally making his way to first. So cute! We had some kids who just ran across the field, some who chased the ball they hit and some who just walked off the field in the middle of the game because they were tired. We are looking forward to the rest of the games and learning the sport!

Later that night we had free tickets to a Kings game with our support group, Hearts of Hope. We had tickets donated by the Kings, an invitation to stick around after the game and meet a player, and they provided shirts and goody bags for all the kids. It was a pretty good game even though the Kings lost. Ava liked shouting "defense!" and Drew just had a good time watching the game, and the dancers, and the half-time show. He even got to go on the court and shoot a free throw after the game.

Jason Thompson sitting with the kids


Laura said...

aren't you ALWAYS supposed to chase after your own ball or run to 3rd after connecting? gheesh...maybe i've been playing the game wrong the whole time! and i thought i was an expert... ;)

The Portas said...

How fun!! I love the team name Scrappers. :) I'm so glad you all had a good time with your sister. Aunties are so much fun! What a fun weekend for you guys.