Thursday, January 29, 2009


Nurdin and Zumrat
I have been to the hospital to visit them every day since surgery, except Sunday. Sometimes the visits are short, but they are always rewarding. I have come to really love these ladies, and of course the sweet baby. Nurdin is doing great! Today he had no chest tubes and only .25 L of oxygen. His mom is able to hold him now and he is nursing again. They are thinking he will be discharged this weekend sometime. Yay God!

Me and Zumrat

Me and Nurdin (4 days post-op)

Gulnaz (the interpreter), Zumrat and Nurdin one week post-op

Hearts of Hope
We had our very first board meeting last Saturday. We had a delicious breakfast and got some things down on the calendar and shared ideas about future speakers. We also had our monthly support group meeting on Tuesday. We had the most beautiful cupcakes in honor of CHD Awareness Week coming up in February. We also had a marriage and family therapist specializing in families with special needs children who spoke about the impact having a medically fragile child can have on the family, and some strategies on how to deal with it.

We got Drew signed up for T-ball, but it took a few tries! The first time we were in the wrong league and they are very serious about that! We had to have his birth certificate, a photo ID and three bills as proof of residency to sign him up. You wouldn't want the teams stacked in T-ball. ;) We won't find out what team he's on or when practices/games are until the end of February. We also signed Ava up for her very first dance class at the same church where she attends preschool. It was so adorable to watch her at "tap-jazz" that I posted the video below.

This isn't what Ava wore to dance class, but wouldn't it be funny if she did? It is what she wanted to wear to school that day.

I'm leaving tomorrow to head to So Cal for a good friend's baby shower. I am going alone and am actually looking forward to the break that it will provide. I have had two weeks full of meetings and appointments and am ready to read a book on the plane, relax with my friends and enjoy two days of only being responsible for myself. I just hope Dan won't be too overworked without me!


The Portas said...

You deserve it! Have a wonderful time. It is soooo nice to have some decompress time, especially after a few hectic weeks.

What a fun school outfit, Ava! :)

Oohhhh, t-ball...I can't wait to see cute little pics of Drew playing!

Those cupcakes look amazing! What a great idea..

Amber said...

Those cupcakes are awesome!!! (it doesn't help that I am starving right now) :0)

It's hard to wrap my brain aroud T-ball...considering its 20 degrees here and covered with snow. :(

I think your next flight should be...March Indianapolis.;)

Hope you have a great time with girl friends!!!!

Party of 5 said...

Saw you and Nurdin on the news tonight! You looked great, and so did he. (: You're famous... and somehow I always just happen to be watching the news when you're on. fun. enjoy your get-away. I could use one of those. Kacie

Linda said...

What beautiful photos, Andrea! Thank you for sharing. And, what fun news--for everyone!

Love you,

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

My friend *Frizzy* sent me here. You are in her Bible Study? Those cupcakes are ADORABLE - and I am totally gonna steal that idea for our cookie plates next year! (I might not even be able to wait that long...!!!)

We have two heart kids ... and two healthy heart kids. I'll have to read more to learn about you and your sweet babies! Just wanted to say "HI!" first!