Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to School

Today was Drew's first day back at school after two weeks of vacation. As much as I am looking forward to having some routine back in our lives, I did enjoy the many days of staying in our jammies all day long and just playing with toys at home. This morning was made a little more difficult since Ava is sick again and got me sick as well. I am fighting it though! I am using my tried and true method of zicam every four hours plus lots of fluids! Can you believe my kids didn't get sick at all when they were going to school, the gym, mom connection, and with other kids all the time, but instead got sick while we were on vacation with limited germ accessibility?

Since our dogs ran away on New Years Eve, each day has had a lot of "dog related business" to attend to. We've been to all the shelters in our area, placed an ad on craigslist, checked craigslist for found dogs multiple times a day, check the shelters websites multiple times a day, made and posted hundreds of fliers, visited a handful of local vet offices, made posts at pet stores, etc. Still no leads on Bandit. I am sad. I think with each day he is missing the less likely it is we will find him. I hope someone found him and just wanted to keep him. I would hate to think he's still out there wandering, or worse. Bibby has been back since the 2nd. A very nice lady found her stuck in their fence trying to get into their backyard on New Years Eve. Bibby was probably only lost for a half hour or so before she was found again. The kids miss Bandit and ask where he is, but they don't seem very sad, which I am grateful for.

We don't have a whole lot else going on. It's been cold and rainy here. I have decided to train for another half-marathon. This one is in March so my training starts today! I have to get to the gym and run four miles no matter what my head cold is telling me. This race should be fun, I think my dad is going to come up and run with me. Also, I received lots of cold weather running gear for Christmas, so I guess I have no excuses about it being too cold.



Amy, Steve, Molly and the twins said...

I'm glad to hear that Bibby made it home. Here's praying that Bandit comes home soon!

Kate said...

it's awfully early in the day to be blogging. but you know, one of the tips for a successful blog is to post frequently. so good going i guess! i've been at work since 10:30, what the f? that is all.

The Portas said...

Oh sorry about Bandit. :( I will hope that he finds his way back to your home somehow. He is obviously a loved puppy.

Same story with us...Elijah went weeks in full-time daycare without a sniffle. Two weeks home with almost no contact with anyone and he's been sick the entire time. WHAT?

Get better soon! xoxoxo

DeAnna said...

I am sorry you lost your dogs, I am glad that you got Bibby back. I am praying that Bandit makes it home safe too. Praying for the colds too!

DeAnna said...
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Our Family said...

I'm so sorry about your doggie. I'm sure someone is loving him right now.