Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Ava is a little bee and Drew is Bob the Builder

We had fun trick-or-treating last night! We told Drew he could go trick-or-treating after dinner. He ate his whole dinner (that hardly ever happens) and then wanted to go go go! I got him dressed and Ava was still eating and it wasn't even dark yet! We left around 6:30 and walked around our little neighborhood. They both were really into it. Drew would say "I got a lot of candy!" after each house we went to and Ava would clutch her bucket in her tiny little fist and shout "Mine!" if any of us got too close to her candy. As Dan said, she knew she had something valuable. I was surprised how much Ava like it. She was practically running to each house and she'd say thank you and bye to the people.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) she didn't last long and began to have a total meltdown where she wanted to be held, but she also wanted to walk and her candy bucket was getting heavy but she didn't want to relinquish control of it. We were back at home by 7:15 and she was in bed shortly after that. Drew had fun seeing the other kids come to the door and was all hopped up on candy acting like a crazy man. I don't know if it was related to all the sugar they ate or not, but the kids were up all night long, taking turns waking us up after what seemed like just minutes of sleep. We are tired! But, there's lots of candy to get us through the day...

The kids holding hands as we start our trick-or-treating

An action shot of the kids knocking on the door

Our attempt at a family photo right before Ava's meltdown

The kids enjoying some of their candy


Molly said...

How cute! We went to a total of two houses and Molly wouldn't let us put her down. She was much less enthusiastic about the whole event. Ava can teach her a thing or two about Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andrea, it was everything I hoped it would be.... and more!!!! Love, AL

k to the ate said...

i especially like the composition on the family shot, don't you? wink.

Mom said...

Oh my gosh! The pictures are great and the narrative is so like both of them. I wish I could have been there. Did the people appreciate how adorable those little trick or treaters were?

Love, Mom

Jessica said...

Ah Halloween. It's not for the very small I think.
Every baby I saw dressed as a peapod was kind of mad to be out at 7:30 begging from door to door! :)