Thursday, November 8, 2007

Family Update

Lots of stuff going on around here. Ava has been keeping us on our toes lately by climbing onto anything she can. I was trying to wait to post about this until I could get a picture, but so far I've just had to hurry and save her from falling to her demise instead of running for the camera. Here's a list of places that I've found Ava this week.

  1. Standing on the bathroom counter turning the light on and off.
  2. Standing in the middle of the kitchen table playing with my decorative gourds.
  3. Sitting on top of the kitchen counter, trying to open a permanent marker.
  4. Crouching on top of Drew's dresser (it's tall!) and crying because she was stuck.
  5. Balancing between the rolling chair and Dan's desk, trying not to fall as the chair rolled away.

She's crazy! And not afraid at all. Today as we were leaving preschool she took off running in the parking lot (she was on the sidewalk, but still) and was laughing hysterically as I chased her. Even when I caught her and told her she was naughty she just thought the whole thing was amusing. She can even say naughty, she's heard it so much.

Drew's been busy too. He loves preschool! He has fun playing with his friends. This week they had Leaf Day and he brought in two pretty fall leaves. He's making cute little preschool crafts. When I ask him what he learned every day he tells me a little about it. He's got all three of his memory verses memorized (I am wonderfully made; Be kind to one another; Give thanks to the Lord for He is good). He's also been learning the sounds the letters make by watching his Letter Factory video nearly every afternoon while Ava is napping and Mommy gets a moment to herself.

Dan's been busy with work but is finding time to ride his bike once or twice a week, play poker with his buddies and even got to play golf this week. I was away last weekend and he did fantastic on his own with the kids, even taking them to the zoo. He is such a great Dad and husband. I am so lucky to have him.

I've been trying to keep up my workouts, but we've all been sick so its been difficult to keep up. My new plan is to try and bike once a week, run once a week, and do yoga or pilates once a week. I am also planning to run a 10K on Thanksgiving morning. I've been keeping busy with my mom's groups twice a week and on Thursdays we have a little girls playgroup. I also started a mentorship program though church that I am really enjoying. Maybe I'll write more about that later.

We also had some beautiful family photos taken by our photographer friend, DeAnna, this week. I'm trying to decide if I should post them here since they will likely be featured on our Christmas cards and could possibly be gifts for some people. Maybe I could just do a few...


Molly said...

Oh... I love, love, love that first photo! How rare is it to have the ENTIRE family looking at the camera at the same time. Good job Dee! And Ava antics totally crack me up. Here I am bemoaning the fact that Molly clings to me 24-7, but now I'm thinking maybe that's not too bad. I know it exhausts you... but I LOVE her excitement for life. And Drew... what can I say. That boy is too sweet for words.

Anne Marie said...

Oh my gosh- Ava is going to be sky diving and bunging jumping before we know it! She is TOO cute- and maybe, for your sake, she'll grow out of the climbing soon! Owen did that for a while, and now he has learned to have a little bit of fear. He doesn't climb as high- he'll settle for climbing just on the coffee table or couch- and just LOVES jumping SUPER high off of them. He has become quite the jumper- the thud he makes when he lands is a bit nauseating- but he just laughs and does it again. So, maybe, in time- she'll focus on something new and scary in a whole different way :)

And your holiday photos are SO ADORABLE! Your friend did a great job shooting it- you all are looking at the camera and are so happy! Nice work!

Jessica said...

My kids are both climbers too. Dylan will climb onto anything. A thick book on the floor? Climb it! The vacuum cleaner? Climb it!
The cat runs by? Catch him and climb him!!
Elizabeth can regularly be found up on top of the kitchen counters rifling through the cups to find the "right one" for her milk.