Tuesday, October 16, 2007

She Speaks in Sentences

Today Ava said her first sentence! It was so cute! We were in the car getting ready to take Drew to preschool and as we were backing out of the driveway she said "Bye-bye Daddy" while waving her cute little hand. I was so excited and she got such a good reaction that she continued saying it the whole way to preschool! Some of you might consider this a phrase, but I'm calling it a sentence. I think Drew's first sentence was exactly the same.

Last week she said Drew and Amen for the first time. I think Ava is having some kind of language explosion. Although, Dan and I are probably the only ones who understand most of what she says. But she has been surprising us lately with the words she knows. She has words for elephant, lion, and alligator as well as airplane, tractor and truck. She says water, flower, hot, light, shoe and sock. She knows Elmo and Dumbo. She says please and thank you, but only when she wants to.


kate with no idea for a funny nickname said...

aww, so cute! but really, i don't think you can count "hot" because if you don't speak her language, everything kind of sounds like that. just kidding. i can't wait, i definitely need to step up my efforts to get her to say kate at me.

Molly said...

Oh man... I can't wait for Molly to start speaking more. "ma ma ma" is getting old... :)

Jessica said...

All the kids around her age are starting to talk now! Dylan is definitely stepping up his word game. Plus my blogfriends' son Marcus is also getting into the fun and he's just a bit younger than Dylan.
I wonder when Anne Marie will post about Owen's new chattiness!
Kids understand SO much more than they can say too. The other night, we asked Dylan if he wanted to take a bath (his favorite thing) and Dylan jumped up off the couch said "Yessssssssssssssssss" and ran into the bathroom frantically trying to rip off his PJs and diaper. So funny!

kate, just kate said...

hey, no fair posting video after i'd already read it! thank goodness for bloglines. can i smash her?

Isabelle's Mommy said...

super cute!!!!

Beth Whitney said...

Wow, Andrea, you are amazing! I am glad you are in my group.

Anne Stimac said...

Bye-bye Ava. Grandma loves you!
She looks so much like you at that age, Andrea.

Love, Mom