Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Pumpkin Farm

Well, we made yet another trip to the pumpkin patch. This time it was just the little girls since the big brothers were in preschool. The Pumpkin Farm was located just 2.5 miles away from our house in Citrus Heights. We thought it would just be some tiny little patch, but it was huge! In fact, we jogged right by it last weekend and had no idea it was there. There must have been 300 cars in the parking lot and probably ten or more school field trips there. Thank goodness I only had one child to chase after! Even so she almost got run over by a tractor more than once and I don't think the driver would have stopped.

The girls had fun looking at all the animals, picking up pumpkins just their size and taking a hayride. The mommies liked it because parking and admission was free and so were activities for kids two and under. So it cost us $2 for the hayride and a whole morning of fun!

Ava checking out the goats

Keilani, Ava and Molly looking at ducks

Ava carrying a pumpkin

Molly with her pumpkin

Ava on the train

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Molly said...

Ooooo.... I love seeing those little girls together! They're so stinkin' cute!