Friday, June 29, 2007

A Trip to the Beach

Drew's been asking us to go to the beach. "Can I go to the beach mommy? Can I swim in the ocean?" I don't know how he even knows about the beach, maybe he saw it in one of his books, or on Little Einsteins. So we finally took the kids to the beach last weekend. It was just a short trip, after we "camped" with friends and played sloshball (which was a lot of fun). It was so sweet to see the kids in awe of the ocean. Drew quickly changed his mind about swimming in the ocean, and was hesitant to even dip his toes in. He even ran away from the waves! Luckily there was a little stream that the kids could play in. Ava, as usual, was fearless. Just started walking right towards the water, and then went walking down the beach on her own. We were good parents and slathered the children in sunscreen, but neglected to put it on ourselves. We both ended up with sunburns. It really was a lot of fun and since everyone had such a nice time, we're thinking of planning a family vacation at the beach.


Kristina said...

Hi Andrea
What great pictures of the family!! I can't wait to get Tommy to the beach soon too.

astimac said...

The pictures are preciious and it looks like Drew got close enough. I can't believe how warm the weather looked, too. You know, there are a lot of nice beaches in So Ca. and certain grandparents could get in on the fun....just a thought. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Forget the grandparents, there is a certain aunt that derives her spiritual center from being at the beach. She sees a disciple in her grandniece for sure, and knows it is only time before her grandneph joins the party. Okay, since I played the spiritual card I guess the grandparents can come too.