Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother’s Day weekend was quite busy in our household. We had Ava’s birthday party and her spring sing on Friday, then a HOH picnic where we signed our charter (!) on Saturday. Saturday night I got to go to a movie and ice cream with girlfriends and Sunday brought church and a spa day with some girlfriends in honor of Mother’s Day.

The HOH picnic was very nice. We had great weather that day (and the weather has been unpredictable around here lately), and had about ten families come out and join us at the park. The kids were able to play together, the parents visited and we got our charter signed! This will be a great thing for our group, but there will be another post on that later.

On Sunday I got to sleep in while Dan and the kids prepared breakfast for me. When I got up they were excited to give me their presents. In fact Ava came home from preschool with her gift for me on Tuesday and said “Guess what it is, it starts with a v and it holds flowers.” I tried to tell her that I wanted to be surprised and not to tell me, but she told me later “it’s a vase.” She’s too funny! Drew made me a beautiful hat at school on Friday, so I did get to have his present early. They also both made me cards with adorable fill in the blank answers. Here are some excerpts:

My mom has: black hair
and her eyes are: like mine.
She is: 32
and she weighs: 25 or 30

My mom spends most of her time doing these things: Eat snacks. She goes to the gym and works out. She talks to my dad.
I really like my mom because: she loves me and I love her.

Then after a lovely church service in the morning I got to head out for lunch and a massage (and a hand and foot treatment with paraffin dip). It was so relaxing and fun. It was just what I wanted for Mother’s Day. We even got to spend time in the party room where we enjoyed our foot soaks, warm neck wraps and some delicious treats that we brought to share (think chocolate covered strawberries and champagne). And my present from Dan was airfare to the Mended Little Hearts Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I really wanted to go and was so happy he made that possible.

I am so blessed to have such an amazing family. I love my husband and kids more than anything and often wonder how I got so lucky to have them in my life. Thanks for a great Mother's Day!

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