Thursday, January 28, 2010


Back in December Drew started playing basketball. We found an Upward league in our area and I was so excited! Upward is a Christian league. They have soccer, football and cheer also available, but not in our area. I really love this league because they emphasize having fun while learning the sport. This means every time the ref blows the whistle he stops and explains why he made the call. At each practice and game they have about 5 minutes to do a devotion and work on a scripture verse. They encourage and recognize sportsmanship, effort, Christlikeness and Scripture learning as well as offense and defense. They also make sure that each kid has equal playing time and an opportunity to be in the starting lineup.

The games are so cute to watch! We have one kid on our team who really knows what he's doing. He can dribble the ball down the court and make a shot, but most of the other kids are still learning how to control the ball. Drew seems to be enjoying it and often will look for us on the sidelines and give us a thumbs-up from the court. I have found that basketball is very difficult to capture on film! They are moving too fast and every time I think I'm about to get a good shot, the ref ends up right in front of me! Oh well, I'll keep trying!

Go Number 7!

Drew's team identifying which basket they are going towards

One of the few pictures I got of Drew with the basketball

Drew is making a good effort at dribbling the ball down the court


The Portas said...

Look at Drew go!!! How fun! I love the underlying lessons taught. A lot of kids' sports are much more intense. I'm so glad you guys found something like this for Drew. Go #7!!

Kate said...